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Hello friend! I am currently cleaning up and updating my website to bring you a new look and some new images I have captured over the last year. In the meantime, please head over to my facebook page (Adrienne Comeau Photography) to see my latest work and contact me there. Or feel free to email me at

Hope to chat soon and have a fabulous day!

Corporate Photography Investment

Corporate Photography Investment


*up to 30mins photography session at a chosen location (please note that a travel fee may apply for travel of more than 30 minutes from my home)

*digital download of images

*2 high resolution, full size images, edited, no watermark and ready for print

*print release included for printing at your leisure (will include suggested locations for printing)

*complimentary conversion of any selected image(s) to Black and White

*50% non-refundable retainer is required at time of booking, remainder due at time of photo session. No part of any order will be delivered until payment has been received in full.

*for groups, please add an additional $20.00/person

*additional editing of images requested by client (excluding complimentary conversion to Black and White) – $25.00/image

*chosen image(s) and/or chosen image digital file(s) will not be released until this contract is paid in full. Once contract is paid in full, chosen image(s)/chosen digital file(s) will be released.

*please allow up to 5-7 days after your photo session to allow for photo editing and preparation of images.

*all images are copyright and property of Adrienne Comeau Photography. Images are not to be used outside of this contract or edited in any fashion or manner without the approval of Adrienne Comeau Photography.

*images from your photo session will be kept in archive for 1 month from the date of your photo session

*Adrienne Comeau Photography may display/use any image for advertising and promotion (Facebook photography page, website, etc).

*If, due to any event or act outside Adrienne Comeau Photography’s control, Adrienne Comeau Photography fails to comply with the terms of this contract, then Adrienne Comeau Photography’s liability is strictly limited to the refund of any deposit.

*in the event of cancellation by client, one rescheduled date will be arranged at no additional charge. Any further cancellations and re-scheduling will be charged an additional $50.00 to be paid at time of booking.

Print Pricing

SMALL print package $280.00

1 – 8×10
2 – 5×7
4 – 4×5

MEDIUM print package $475.00

1 – 11×14
3 – 8×10
5 – 5×7

LARGE print package $875.00

1 – 16×20
1 – 11×14
3 – 8×10
10 – 5×7

4×5 – $35                   16×20 – $250
5×7 – $45                   20×24 – $350
8×10 – $70                 20×30 – $375
11×14 – $140             24×36 – $450
36×48 – $600

Wedding Day Worksheet

Please fill out the following wedding information sheet. This helps me plan for your day and know more about your plans! Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers now, you can always come back and fill in the missing pieces later!

Business Portrait Session Information

Thank you for considering me to capture your business portraits! Here is what you can expect from your portrait session:


*up to 30mins photography session at a chosen location (please note that a travel fee may apply for travel of more than 30 minutes from my home)

*digital download of images

*2 high resolution, full size images, edited, no watermark and ready for print

*web size files of chosen images for websites included

*print release included for printing at your leisure (will include suggested locations for printing)

*complimentary conversion of selected image(s) to Black and White

*50% non-refundable retainer is required at time of booking, remainder due at time of photo session. No part of any order will be delivered until payment has been received in full.

*for groups, please add an additional $20.00/person (1 high resolution, full size image, edited, no watermark and ready for print for each person included. 1 web size file of chosen image for website also included)

Now that I have the link to my gallery, what now??

Now that you have the link to your beautiful images, here is some important information you will need.

** Here is the link to a PDF explaining how to download your beautiful images. If you have any questions, or issues downloading them, let me know and I will do what I can to help!

** You may be asked by the printing lab for a “Print Release”. Here is a copy you can download and show them.

** All printers are different, and I highly recommend you get your memories printed at a professional lab. Here are 2 pro labs I highly recommend.

One more thing, once you have your memories printed and hanging on your walls, snap a picture and send it to me!  I LOVE seeing pictures on the walls, especially when it’s your beautiful faces!

Lifestyle and Portrait Session Information

Thank you for considering me to capture your memories! Here is what you can expect from your portrait session:


*up to 1hr photography session at a chosen location (please note that a travel fee may apply for travel of more than 30 minutes from my home. Please inquire about a travel fee quote)

*digital delivery and download of images

*high resolution, full size images, edited, no watermark and ready for print

*print release included for printing at your leisure (will include suggested locations for printing)

*complimentary conversion of any selected image(s) to Black and White

*50% non-refundable retainer is required at time of booking, remainder due at time of photoshoot. No part of any order will be delivered until payment has been received in full.

*for groups of 5 people or more, please add an additional $15.00/person(pets) (there is no additional charge for little people up to the age of 5)

Armstrong Family, Annapolis Valley Family Photographer

This family is simply the best.

Having photographed this family over the years, including Allison and Tommy’s wedding, has made me feel truly blessed to be their photographer. I have loved watching their family grow. They are one of the most sweetest, nicest, beautiful and hilarious family you could meet.

Thank you Armstrong family!

My baby is 4!

My baby just turned 4, going on 10….

We went out last night to kick a soccer ball around the yard.  He absolutely loves it, so I decided to register him for soccer with the Middleton team.  I can’t wait to watch him! I am so excited for him…he will learn how to play a sport, the value of playing with a team, gain confidence, and make some little friends.  I’ll be that mama with her camera, on the sidelines, crying and whispering to myself, “that’s my baby!”

I love this stage of him…hell, I’ve loved every stage of him since the day he was born. Every day, I look forward to seeing what he will come up with next. He’ll either make me laugh uncontrollably, cry uncontrollably, want to give him a kiss storm, hold him tight and never let go, or all of the above.

He is my most favorite human ever.


Dawn – Annapolis Valley Portrait Session, Middleton, Nova Scotia

I have known Dawn for nearly 10 years.

Dawn is also an Annapolis Valley based photographer (check her out here), and when we met, it was instant friendship. Our first meeting consisted of me picking her up early one morning and driving to Halifax to meet 2 other photographers for a breakfast meet and greet, then walk the streets and alleyways, cameras in hand, of the city. We chatted the whole drive there, and all the way back home to the valley. I owe this woman a lot…she’s the reason I have pushed my photography. I was her second photographer/assistant for my very first wedding. She has mentored me, she has been my biggest fan, and she has believed in me over the years.

The other day, she came over for a visit and we ended up doing a mini portrait session. We set up my little studio (studio = the loft in my house, lol), and we had a blast.

Here are a few of my favorites from Dawn’s portrait session!


Adventures in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I love it that now my son is getting older and we go exploring together.  He absolutely loves it! Nova Scotia is such a beautiful province and I want to go explore and photograph as many sweet spots as I can with this little dude.

We ventured off of McMaster Mill, just behind Greenwood, Nova Scotia.  It’s the sweetest little park and perfect for him to explore with me.

Don’t be afraid to explore nature’s beauty in your own backyard!

mcmaster mill water,mcmaster mill water,mcmaster mill water,

Margaretsville Waterfall, Margaretsville, Nova Scotia

I just can’t get enough of this waterfall.

Same waterfall I captured the other day (Margaretsville), but today we were there at low tide so I could capture it at a different angle.

I love both images equally.   My only problem now is….which wall should I hang them on…


Where would you go?

If you could go anywhere – real or fictional – where would you go?

Me…I would go to Iceland! Technically, I was there twice last summer. Both times, it was on a layover stay on our way to Switzerland (to photograph an ahhh-mazing wedding for a couple of ahhhh-mazing people!!!!) for 4 hours, and on our way home for another 4 hours. Never left the airport, but took it in as much as I could from the plane window and from the airport windows. I even walked on Iceland asphalt and breathed in Iceland air on our way to the bus to get to our plane, lol.

This image is our plane about to land in Iceland…we were mesmerized by the view!

Dear Iceland, we will be back!


Margaretsville Waterfall, Margaretsville, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than listening to the ocean waves hitting the shoreline. I love the sound of softness when they hit the sand, and I love the sound of the rolling rocks…then there is the smell of the salty ocean air. Fresh, clean, calm, cleansing. It instantly calms my soul. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

The other day, the temperature hit +16, so my little dude and I went to one of our favourite spots, Margaretsville, do so some seashell hunting and beachcombing. These are just a few captures of the afternoon.

What’s your favorite go-to spot? You know, that place that instantly puts you in a good mood?


Chasing Stars – Port George Nova Scotia Night Time Photography

When a couple of friends say “hey, wanna come shoot some stars with us tonight??” You answer back “Hell YES!!!”

Our first location was a bust, so we brainstormed and ended up in Port George. It was a perfect night sky! We had tons of fun, lots of laughs, “where did Dawn go????” moments, and “OOOOO, I love that shot!!!” was heard many many times. I was quite happy I had on my ski pants, winter jacket, toque, scarf and mittens on…I know I could have stayed all night!

These are far from perfect, I still have alot of learning to do in this style of photography, but did it ever fire me up and I’m quite stoked at how these turned out. Hope you enjoy my first adventure in night time photography.


Studio lighting practice photography

As much as it felt so strange being on the other side of the camera…this was such a fun afternoon practicing off camera flash and posing skills with Dawn and Crystal.

Photography is not my passion.

It is so much more than that. Photography fires up my soul. It relaxes me. It understands me. It calms the craziness in my head. It makes me giggle uncontrollably. It makes me feel connected to myself. It pushes me. It helps me calm down.

Photography is not my passion. It’s my power to be myself. It is my freedom.

Thank you to Dawn and Crystal for the images of me…i feel i do much better behind the camera, not in front!




Greenwood Cake Smash, Annapolis Valley Family, Greenwood, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This little sweetheart is celebrating her one year birthday on Valentine’s Day! <3

She completely stole my heart with her sweet little smile and little giggle.  When her cake (made by her great grandmother!) came out, she was curious and even dug her little fingers right in and took a few bites….and then the tears came.  Oh my! But when you are this adorable, you can cry at your cake smash if you want to!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Callie!


Mariah & Jeremy, Annapolis Valley Wedding, Beaver Creek Winery, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

I have known Mariah for nearly 20 years…I have watched this beauty grow up to be the gorgeous woman she is today. So watching her marry her best friend, Jeremy, was a little bit emotional for me…and I may have had tears in my eyes a few times throughout the day 😉 The day was amazing and perfect in every way! It was filled with so many laughs, gorgeousness, handsomeness, hugs, happy tears, and so much love. Mariah and Jeremy, thank you so so much for sharing your fabulous day with me! xoxo




Teal Family, Greenwood Family, Annapolis Valley, NS

I met with this family last weekend…you know when you meet someone for the first time and it’s like you’ve known them for a long time? This is how you will feel when you meet this gang! Cindy, Kevin, Courtney, Kaitlyn and Tyler….thank you guys so much for a fun afternoon! You guys rock!! And Rimer (spelling??), thank you for the puppy kisses! <3

Jodi & Kirk, Annapolis Valley Wedding, MacMaster Mill, Greenwood, Nova Scotia

Having another photographer contact you for a photo session is both an awesome thing and the most stressful thing! When Jodi and Kirk contacted me to do their wedding anniversary photo session I was soooo excited…then got very very very nervous. Jodi is a lifestyle and boudoir photographer so you can just imagine the pressure to deliver! I have known both Jodi and Kirk for quite a long time, knowing Kirk first through work and Jodi through the photography world of course. When they got together, I was sooo excited for them. Both are amazing people! And this sweet couple have been married for #7YearsStrong!!! <3 Jodi and Kirk, big hugs and THANK YOU so much for such a wonderful (and stressful!!!! ;)) afternoon! Happy Anniversary!!! xoxo Oh, and aren’t their puppies the CUTEST EVER!!!!! GAHHH!!!!


The Reddy Family, Annapolis Valley Family, Blomidon Beach, Nova Scotia

The Reddy Family

“Family…together we have it all” I met up with this sweet family early Sunday morning at Blomidon Beach….and they stole my heart! We had to work somewhat quick as the tide was coming in but these guys were rockstars! Posing, naturals, candids, giggles, tickling, funny faces, sand everywhere, a few timbits, teary-eyed moments, heartwarming moments…this family was awesome!! Michelle, Lisa, Brenda and the rest of the gang, thank you guys for such a fun photo shoot the other morning!!!! #HomeIsWhereverMyBunchOfCraziesAre <3 😉


Kelly & Mark, Beaver Creek Winery Wedding, Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Have you ever seen anyone float on air as they are walking? I certainly did last Saturday <3. Despite the torrential downpours of rain, and last minute venue change, nothing was going to dampen this brides mood. She was absolutely glowing!! I first met Kelly last fall and I knew right away that this woman was a genuine, kind and beautiful soul. Then in the spring I met Mark when we got together for their engagement session. Even tho he made me work very hard for a smile, I knew right away they were the perfect match for each other <3. True, genuine, and kind people. Kelly and Mark, THANK YOU so much for including me in your very special day!!! xoxo


Brittany & Chase, Margaretsville Couple Session, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

“I like it when you smile, but I love it when I’m the reason” <3 A couple of months ago, I did Brittany’s grad pics and I had such a fun time with these two. So when Brittany contacted me again to do a lifestyle session, I was tickled pink! Just look at them…aren’t they the most adorable couple!!! They sure rocked their shoot!! Brittany and Chase, thank you so much for such a fun afternoon (and the patience through my camera technical difficulty! 😉


Tanya & Peter, Woodville Backyard Wedding, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

“Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something.” ― Danny Wallace Tanya and Peter’s story begins with a blind date…which let to their magical wedding day! The day was perfect from beginning to end! Tanya was elegant and stunning…Peter quite handsome. You could feel the love these two share for each other as they were married at their home surrounded by the closest of family and friends! <3 Tanya and Peter, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing the most important day of your lives with me!! xoxo


Nina & Mark, Switzerland Wedding, Schloss Rapperswil, Rapperswil, Switzerland

July 1, 2017 in a castle in Rapperswil, Switzerland, Nina & Mark were married surrounded by an intimate group made up of their close family and friends. Such a whirlwind of a day that went so smoothly! So much beauty, laughter, tears of joy, singing, dancing, cheers, emotion, moments, silliness, so much more, and so much LOVE. <3 Nina and Mark, THANK YOU so much with all my heart for sharing and celebrating your most special day with me!! It truly was an experience I will forever cherish and remember!


Kelly & Mark, Greenwood Engagement Session, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This super sweet couple are getting married in August and I can’t wait!!! They are getting married at their home and it sure sounds like it’s going to be a gorgeous wedding, laid back, full of fun and love, and one big party and celebration <3 Kelly also told me that they were very awkward in front of the camera……ummmm, I don’t think so! You guys did amazing!!!


John – Class of 2017 Grad Session, Middleton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

When the first thing everyone does is laugh uncontrollably for the first pose, you know it’s going to be a fun shoot! And it didn’t stop there….the rest of the shoot was filled with so much laughter and unpredictable poses, lol. Guys, I truly had a blast the other day! Ned, thank you for being my light stand and holding my “boob” (and not stealing it!!) 😉 John, good luck in your chosen path of journalism!


Nathan – Class of 2017 Grad Session, Brickton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

When I first met Nathan the other day, I could have sworn he is the strong silent type of guy…but according to his mother, sister and friend, he’s the opposite of silent! Definitely strong! Nathan, thank you for being such an awesome sport and rocking your photo shoot! Congratulations on your graduation!!! Nancy, I know I said I wouldn’t post any pics of you without letting you know first, but I couldn’t help but share one. You are such a proud mama!! (I figured I would post the pic and then ask for forgiveness 😉 Oh, and thank you for the best hug…you can tell so much about someone by the way they greet you and by the way they hug. You gave me a genuine hug!! 🙂 xo


Josée – Ecole Secondaire de Clare Prom, Clare, Nova Scotia

I have been patiently waiting for this day…Josée’s prom. (Two years ago, I captured her brothers prom pictures and at that time, both Josée and her mother booked me for hers <3) When I saw her, I immediately said “WOW!!” Drop-dead gorgeous!! It was freezing cold on Saturday…so much that the wind felt like ice cubes against your skin! Despite the near sub-zero temp, this girl totally rocked this photo session! Josée, merci merci merci for asking me, and trusting me, to capture a very special event in your life! You are a true beauty inside and out! <3


Chantelle, Josh and family – Kingston Family Session, Kingston, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I have known Chantelle B for nearly 20 years and have watched her little family grow. This little family is simply the sweetest!! Swarmed by mosquitoes, lots of snuggles, gut busting giggles, sweetest little smiles, a few shy moments and a few kiss storms, this family rocked there family session. I left one happy photographer (including some Jamie snuggles and Jasper hugs! xo) Thank you so much guys for the fun fun fun afternoon! xoxo


Brittany – Class of 2017 Grad Session, Margaretsville, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

We weren’t sure if Mother Nature was going to cooperate today for Brittany’s photo session, but we held off on cancelling and took a chance. Thank you Mother Nature! <3 This beauty is graduating this year from MRHS and will be pursuing a career in nursing. You will do great!! I had such a fun time with you and Chase this afternoon! 🙂 PS…Thank you to Chase for being my lightstand assistant…you are hired!! 😉


Nina & Mark – Bridgetown Engagement Session, Bridgetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

These two will be getting married July 1st in Switzerland…and guess who’s going with them??!! ME!!!! Nina contacted me to see if I was available for an engagement session…from the second she opened the door to greet me, I knew this woman and I were going to be friends.  She welcomed me with a warm smile and a big hug.  Then I met Mark and we all just clicked.  This engagement session was so much fun…with lots of coffee and laughs! Can’t wait for July!!!


Sandro – Class of 2017 Grad Session, Middleton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Sandro is a student from Germany who has been studying at Middleton Regional High School for the last 3 years. He’s a quiet, laid back kinda fella who has been enjoying his time here in Nova Scotia, Canada. He’s also living with an amazing, and busy, family! His future plans after graduation are to continue his studies in Germany and persue a career in business. Congratulations Sandro!!


Melanie & Josh – Blomidon Wedding, Blomidon, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

At the beginning of November, I received an email from Melanie asking if I was available to shoot a wedding on November 16th….her and her fiance Josh had just decided it was time they got married and it was going to be a surprise to family and friends! I love a good surprise!!!! This was a very laid back, relaxed, go-with-the-flow wedding. Melanie and Josh were married outside and then a good ole living room and kitchen party followed with the whole group dancing in the living room!!! <3 Melanie and Josh, thank you so very much for sharing your very special day with me!!!




Melissa & Annika – Class of 2017 Grad Session, Middleton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt ~ When I graduated high school back in 198something, I was given a bookmark as a gift from a very good friend. That quote was on it and I still have that bookmark today… ~ These girls were so much fun! They had me in stitches…and they also reminded me of my high school days hanging out with my gang of friends. Those memories are forever cherished and always bring a smile to my face. Enjoy and forever cherish these moments girls!! ~ Congratulations Melissa and Annika!!!



Lisa & Tony – Wedding Anniversary Session, Paradise, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” What a fantastic time I had with these two! Between the crazy heavy rain one second and then the sun coming out the next, we were constantly going in and out of the house! lol Lisa and Tony, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you guys and thank you for being amazing! You guys rocked your anniversary session!


The Pineo Family – Truro Family Session, Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia

Karen and I have known each other for many years. My first job ever was as a pizza maker at the Seashore Takeout Restaurant, and Karen worked there as a waitress. Many years later, we were classmates taking our Advanced Care Paramedicine program and working the odd shift together when she lived in the Valley. I met Greg (who is also a paramedic) through Karen. And then the other afternoon/evening, I got to meet Greg’s daughters. Such beauties!! Karen, Greg and girls…thank you so much for an adventurous afternoon and for supper! Thank you for being great sports by running around Victoria Park as we were quickly loosing light…I certainly had a grand time with you guys!!


The MacLaughlin Family – Dartmouth Family Session, Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia

There are some people that will always be considered family even if they are not blood relatives….and this little fam jam will always be a part of my family <3 Katie, Jared, Duncan and Thomas, I had a blast with you guys!!! It was sooo good to see you all again 🙂 Thank you for the stories, the giggles, the expert sneaker advice, the adventure seeking, the belly laughs, and of course, the awesome topple-to-the-ground double wammy bear hug!!!!



Madison – Class of 2017 Grad Session, Greenwood, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This beauty has an infectious smile…she smiles and you can’t help but smile back. From the second we met, we started laughing….now mind you it was probably because of something I said, but it’s safe to say we hit it off. Oh, and she can go from nearly hysterically laughing to serious face in 1.2sec!! lol Congratulations Madison!!


Emily & Michael – Lawrencetown Exhibition Grounds Wedding, Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This was my last wedding of the season, and no better way to end it than with Emily and Michael!!! They met at the Caledonia Ex 12 years ago, and on October 1st, they got married at the Lawrencetown Ex grounds in one of the barns <3 What a fabulous celebration it was!! I’ve had my fair share of emotional weddings, secretly wiping tears away from behind my camera…but this wedding had me nearly sobbing. Then laughing. Then singing. It was a perfect day all around. Family members that could only be there in spirit were definitely included in the day in sooo many ways <3 Emily and Michael, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me your very special day!!!! It was definitely one I will remember for a very long time! xo


Katie & Brock – Grand Pré Winery Wedding, Grand-Pré Winery, Wolfville, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This was a such an amazing celebration to be a part of…laughter, love, beauty, elegance, handsomeness, art, wine, story telling, singing, crying, poetry, delicious eats, did I mention wine?, dancing, and family and friends from far and near. Plus, it was also Katie’s birthday!! <3 Katie and Brock, thank you so much for including me in your very special day. It was spectacular! <3

The Ashcroft Family – Nictaux Family Session, Nictaux, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

These two sweet kiddos stole my heart!! Little dude is the strong silent type and little miss is sweet and soft spoken. The property where we did this photo shoot is where Karen and Rob had their wedding photos done almost 6 years ago (10/10/10). The whole property is simply breathtaking!! We had fun…chasing little dude and me trying to get everyone’s attention by peeking from out of the tree branches! lol


Janice & Jeff – Wedding Anniversary Session, Margaretsville, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

“Hey, look at the squirrel eating a banana while chasing his shadow, you wanna ball….” Try saying that 3 times fast and get 4 dogs attention, haha. I got kisses, snuggles and nudges…a girl can’t ask for much more than that! 😉 I had so much fun with this family for an anniversary photosession…The kids were golden, Janice a beauty and even Jeff behaved for the most part! lol <3


Emily & Michael – Lawrencetown Exhibition Grounds Engagement, Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Emily…”We’re getting married in one of the barns….” Me…”OOOOOO, nice!!!” Secretly squealing with excitment cause I get to be the lucky photographer to capture their wedding!!! Spend a couple of hours with this awesome couple and their fur babies…and they ROCKED the session! All four of them were naturals and my camera just loved them! I can’t wait to capture their special day <3 Side note…I am not sure what is more difficult. Trying to capture toddlers or a 2yo pup and a 11 week old pup…..but cookies, squeaky toys and whistles will now be packed away in my camera bag! lol


Lara & Jesse – Annapolis Basin Conference Centre Wedding, Annapolis Basin Conference Centre, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I have known Lara’s mom both professionally (she is now a retired RN) and personally (going to the same zumba classes together)…so I knew a bit of the family history, on both Lara’s side and Jesse’s side. I knew this wedding was going to be a highly emotional one. I thought I was prepared. Nope. There was so much love, happiness, tears of joy, happy memories, hugs and kisses during the day…I sometimes found it hard to hold back my own tears. So many “moments”. Lara and Jesse…I absolutely loved being a part of your day. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me!!! xoxo


Lindsay & Turner – Kingston Wedding, Kingston, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

A melting groom + a classic and elegant bride + a bridal party that had me in stitches and were up for anything = 2 families that came together full of love, laughing and dancing!! The rain held off for Lindsay and Turner’s wedding on Saturday. Little planned surprises throughout the day kept things interesting and fun. It was an absolute honor to be asked to capture this special union. I bet you guys are having a blast on your honeymoon!! Thank you Lindsay Lois Roy and Turner Wolfe for sharing your most special day with me!! <3 <3


Maegan – Class of 2016 Grad Session, Middleton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This girl is officially DONE with high school! She is a mild mannered, soft spoken, and beautiful young lady. She is also a fabulous artist! I asked her if she could quickly draw something in her artist’s book, and in the mere seconds it took me to change my lens, she had pretty much completed “2016”. I have no doubt this girl is going to go far with her talent! The world is yours girl, draw some beauty into it! I had fun with you guys! And all the shiny confetti down my shirt was totally worth it!! 🙂


Allison & Thomas – Beaver Creek Winery Wedding, BeaverCreek Winery, Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I had an absolute amazing day with these two and their family and friends!! They said their vows in front of a small intimate group of family and close friends. Laughs, love, tears, beauty, happiness, jokes, everything to make their special day perfect! Allison was absolutely breathtaking and Tommy handsome, cool and calm. Congratulations guys!! Thank you soooo much for making me a part of your very very special day!! <3


Amanda & Matthew – Annapolis Basin Conference Centre Wedding, Annapolis Basin Conference Centre, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I knew this wedding would be special! After a few emails and facebook messages, I knew that Amanda was a super nice person and this was going to be a grand ole tyme!! I arrived at the Conference Centre, went up the stairs, Amanda was coming out of the washroom, and I felt like I was meeting an old friend. She just has this sweetness about her…and such a glow! I felt as if we just clicked. The rest of the day and evening was so casual, with some elegance mixed in, and lots of laughs! I am pretty sure a fun time was had by all!! Amanda and Matthew, you guys were such a pleasure to meet!! Thank you so much for sharing your very special day with me!!! <3


Dawn, Trinity & Jason – Greenwood Family Session, Greenwood, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

We meet many people…some are acquantainces that you will have small talk when you see them at the grocery store. Some are friends that you invite over for a potluck and have a grand time with them. Some are the ones you will call and say, “Hey! Wanna come over for some yummy apple cider??? Oh, and can you bring over some of your melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls????” 😉 Dawn is one of those friends, we have a connection that will keep us friends forever <3 Dawn is a very talented photographer as well. Yesterday she did our family pics, and I did hers. Talk about FUN! I can’t wait to see the pics she took of me and my little fam jam!!!! Dawn, Trinity and Jason you guys were awesome!!


Angela & Ryan – Berwick Wedding, Berwick, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Have you ever felt an instant connection to someone you just met? Angela and I met back in April to discuss her wedding..and from the second we said hello to each other, I felt as if I was meeting a long lost friend for coffee. The weather was perfect, the bride looked like she just stepped out of a bridal magazine, the groom GQ handsome, the wedding party was da bomb, and the music was a’rockin! Thank you so much Angela and Ryan for sharing your special day with me! Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!! 🙂


Meghan – Class of 2016 Grad Session, Greenwood, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Time sure does fly by…this gorgeous young woman will be graduating from Middleton Regional High School next June! What’s next for this smart lady…law school! Her mama and a very special angel in heaven sure are proud of her!! <3 It was an absolute pleasure capturing these memories for you guys. There definitely were no shortages of giggles! lol 😉


Lindsay & Turner – Wilmot Engagement Session, Wilmot, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Boy sees gorgeous girl in one of his university classes…boy would like to date girl, but girl is not interested…boy does not give up and continues to try and charm her…boy gets girl after 3 years. <3 Lindsay and Turner are such a cool couple…they may seem shy, but they are far from it. I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding next July!!!


The Reid Family – Middleton Family Session, Middleton, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

As I took the last picture, for the 5th time 😉 (lol), Mariah says, “the funny farm just had their picture taken!” lol This crew had me in stitches! I have known the Reid Family for nearly 20 years…and I have watched Mariah grow up into the beautiful woman she is today, and find herself one handsome and awesome boyfriend. 😉 You guys rocked it! 🙂


Baby Paige – Greenwood Lifestyle Baby Session, Greenwood, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Little Miss Paige…I am going through baby snuggles withdrawals! I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this little sweetie and her family. It’s funny how little baby snuggles, little squeaks, little lips and nose, little toes and that baby smell can make you go all squishy! Thank you Trish, Brad, Max and Paige for inviting me into your home and allowing me to rearrange your furniture 🙂 You are one sweet family! 🙂


Robin & Ian -Planters Ridge Winery Wedding, Planters Ridge Winery, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

What an amazing evening! Robin and Ian said their “I do”‘s on the patio of Planters Ridge Winery, overlooking acres and acres of vineyards, surrounded by an intimate group of loving family members and close friends. The bride’s son walked her down the aisle to an eagerly waiting groom…! Robin and Ian, thank you so much in sharing your special day with me. It was an absolute pleasure! I would also like give a big shout out to Trent of Trenton Garde Photography for being my second shooter. Thank you so much Trent!!! 🙂



Sarah & Joe – Bridgetown Apple Orchard Wedding, Bridgetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I had the great pleasure of being the second photogher/assistant for Trenton Garde Photography for this beautiful, outdoor, apple orchard wedding. It poured rain like mad all morning and most of the afternoon, then it was crazeeee muggy…and just like magic, the rain held off and Sarah and Joe said their “I do”‘s next to a beautiful apple orchard surrounded by family and close friends 🙂 Sarah and Joe, thank you so much for sharing your special day with me. <3 Thank you Trent for asking me to be your second shooter!



Alicia & Will – Lawrencetown Wedding, Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I had the pleasure of photographing Alicia and Will’s wedding on Saturday, August 8. These two love each other so much, it could be felt throughout the whole room. Alicia and Will are a fun, carefree, go with the flow kinda couple. I truly enjoyed spending the day with you guys and your now extended family…thank you for sharing your special day with me! <3


Allison & Thomas – Just Us (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia)

Did I ever have a blast with these two yesterday!! They were up for anything…fun, easy going and hilarious! You guys are awesome-sauce…like seriously!! 🙂 2 gorgeous people, 2 locations, yummy pink lemonade, beautiful wild flowers, mother nature’s color palette and a million mosquito bites later, here are a few of my favorites. BTW, I’m still scratching all the mosquito bites on me ar$e! lol


Sam – Prom (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia)

Sam: “I am NOT photogenic!” Me thinking: “Challenge accepted!” Sam, I would have to disagree with you. You are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!! You remind me of a flower child hippie tomboy…and that’s an awesome thing! No one else could rock out a gorgeous dress with Converse sneakers…I loved it! You can’t see him, but Sam’s dad is just outside of the frame on mosquito duty…the mosquitos were savage and fierce. I know we left them quite full of our blood…they probably unbuckled their belts had a nap after we left, lol. Thank you to Sam and your family for braving the blood sucking monsters, walking around in the muck after the rain and being fly swatters. I hope you had a ball at your prom!


Jordon – Prom (Clare, Nova Scotia)

Prom night…I remember all the girls piling into my room, dresses layed out on the bed, makeup everywhere, curling irons, a cloud of hairspray filling the air, music blaring on the ghetto blaster and us singing along, talking about the exciting evening ahead, giggling, talking about our dates, after prom partying…that sure was a “few” years ago!! 😉 I was thrilled when Jordan’s mom contacted me to do her son’s prom pictures. Julie and I went to highschool together, and may have gotten into a few situations over our highschool years, lol. So seeing her the other day was like reuniting with an old friend again…pretty much picking up where we had left off after graduation. Jordan and his girlfriend were so much fun and naturals in front of the camera. I hope you guys had an awesome prom night and afterparty!


The Levy Family – Family (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia)

Yesterday’s weather was perfect for a family session with the Levy family…we had mom (Ashley), dad (Adam), Nathan (cuteness and ham all rolled into one!), Chili (such a sweet pup), bunny (strong silent type), and two more buddies in Nathan’s backpack (sorry, I forgot their names!). I enjoyed hanging out with you guys yesterday! And we will get together soon for some wine tasting!! 😉


BFF’s – Best friends (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia)

“Just tell us what to do, and we”ll do it. We also have some clothes for some wardrobe changes :)” “Awesome…but where are you going to change?” (We were shooting in a little walking park) “Oh in the woods, we’re all from the country, that doesn’t bother us one bit!” I got to hang out and shoot these 5 beauties yesterday afternoon. The weather was perfect, a sweet little breeze through the trees, a birthday girl and her 4 BFF’s, 5 beautiful smiles…and then they were off for some supper and a night out in the city. Thank you ladies for a fun photoshoot! I hope you had a blast dancing it up! 🙂


The MacLaughlin Family – Dartmouth Family Session, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia


I got to spend a couple of hours last evening with this beautiful family 🙂 I have known Katie Mitchell-MacLaughlin for about 15 years and have watched her beautiful family grow. I was her photographer for her engagement pictures, then her wedding photographer and was tickled pink when she contacted me to do a family photo shoot! Her boys are so scrumptious!!! Duncan is quite a little ham and Thomas is the strong silent type…and I fell in love with both of them instantly <3. Thank you Katie and Jared MacLaughlin for such a fun evening with you and your boys!!




Amy & Josh – Married (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia)

….this was far from a Hillbilly Hitchin’ since there was no shotgun blast. 😉 The bride was stunning and classically gorgeous, the groom fabulously handsome, and the day went perfect! It was a very small celebration with the parents, Little Duck (aka Amy’s grandmother), Travis (the groomsman) and myself….and of course Pastor Langille officiating. Amy and Josh, thank you so much for including me in your very special day! I felt honored to witness and capture this beautiful event! Congratulations!!!!

Amy & Josh – Engaged (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia)

I was excited when Amy came to me with the idea of a vintage inspired engagement session for herself and Josh.  Then we headed to Margaretsville and finished the session off with some fog and some wine.  Perfect! Congratulations!!